Moving Rhythms


25 november 2022, 23:00

Moving Rhythms

Van dark disco tot acid techno en oldskool rave

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Moving Rhythms zit niet vast aan één genre. Op deze avond gaan we van diepe dynamische grooves zoals dark disco naar acid techno en onversneden oldschool rave.

Ritme is een universeel kenmerk van de menselijke ervaring. Muziek en patronen kunnen sterk verschillen van cultuur tot cultuur, maar we delen allemaal een aangeboren ritmegevoel. Goede ritmes roepen diepe oergevoelens op in de kern van de gedeelde menselijke ervaring. Moving Rhythms wil mensen samenbrengen die deze overtuiging delen en hen laten genieten van de beste 'moving rhythms' van vinyl meestal. 

Deze dj's hebben verstand van zaken en draaien rechtstreeks van vinyl. Kom met ons feesten op de lekkerste elektronische muziek!


Great party, great atmosphere with great vinyl dj’s. From underground darkdisco to acid electro techno.

Rhythm is a universal feature of the human experience. Music and patterns may vary widely from culture to culture, but we all share an innate rhythmical sense. Good rhythms evoke deep primal feelings at the core of the shared human experience. Moving Rhythms intends to bring together people who share this conviction and let them enjoy the best 'moving rhythms' from vinyl mostly. Moving Rhythms is not stuck to a single genre. On this night we'll move from deep dynamic grooves like dark disco to deep and acid techno and uncut oldschool rave.

These dj's know their stuff and play it mostly straight from vinyl. Come celebrate electronic music with us!


About the dj's

Inez Akker

Inez Akker is a Spanish Techno DJ and producer based in The Hague (Netherlands). Born in Madrid, she grew up in a family of artists and musicians and inherited her love for Techno from her dad at a very early age. Her DJ career only started in 2018 shortly after moving to the Netherlands, inspired by Alex Mart and Gabo Lora, co-founders and owners of Papaya Music, a record label/promoter where she became one of their resident DJs. In quite a short time, her style got her to share line-ups with Dimi (AnD), Olivier Weiter, Cliff de Zoete, Dexon and Kike Pravda, among many others, in Melkweg, H7 Warehouse (Amsterdam), PIP and Het Magazijn (The Hague).
She just finished her first Techno EP, which will be released in the upcoming months.


SchallMänner are on a never ending journey finding the fattest and most driving tracks for the dancefloor. Whether it’s arousing acid, tickling techno, horny house, odd oldschool, itchy italo, electronic oriëntal or darn disco, SchallMänner wil fit it in their sets. They played at Puur Festival, ABL Festival, De Buurt, Linksaf, Laundry Club, Etnotronic Roots, Recycle Lounge Gallery Club Amsterdam, Rhythm on the Roof Bleyenberg, Moving Rhythms, Rhythm Import, Vinylly Friday, and numerous other dance parties.


From electro to techno, acid and other more fierce styles. Versatile vinyl dj with great taste.


“The dance can reveal everything mysterious that is hidden in music, and it has the additional merit of being human and palpable. Dancing is poetry with arms and legs.” - Charles Baudelaire

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