Peel Slowly & See
2 maart 2024, 19:00

Peel Slowly & See

Het meest avontuurlijke muziekfestival van Leiden is terug!


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Grote en kleine zaal

Bij Peel Slowly and See verbreed je jouw muzikale horizon: van bruisende UK-jazzgroepen tot knetterende indietronica, intrigerende etnische muziek en eigenzinnige gitaarbands.

Het Leidse ondekkingsfestival Peel Slowly and See is terug! Bij Peel Slowly and See ontdek je nieuwe muziek, nieuwe artiesten en kruip je uit je muzikale comfortzone. De vorige uitverkochte editie was een hit en nu maken we ons klaar voor een nieuwe editie. 

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Leiden's most adventurous music festival is back!

At Peel Slowly and See, the curious music enthusiast explores new horizons; from the latest, buzzing UK-jazz groups, to crackling indietronica, intriguing ethnic music and wayward guitar-bands. 

Peel Slowly and See is back! Nobody leaves the festival without discovering something out of their regular musical comfort zone, including the performing artists. That’s a promise. 

Line up: 

Maya Fridman & Soheil Shayesteh

Dark, ambient-like dissonant drones, angelic voices, cello and kamancheh: ‘The Power of Indifference’ is a deeply personal project by the versatile cellist Maya Fridman and kamanchech player Soheil Shayesteh, expanding their sonic universe with live electronics and visuals. Live performances are a journey where they delicately bridge songs and improvisations inspired by Persian traditional music.

Peel Slowly & See


Czech trio sinks, highlight at many of last year’s showcase festivals, makes a minimalist yet dynamic mix of noise-rock and post-punk. Their performances are notoriously energetic and explosive, filled with tight rhythms, expressive vocals and occasional moments of spontaneous chaotic guitar noise.

Peel Slowly & See

We vs. Death

Last year’s reunion shows of influential Utrecht-based post-rock group We vs. Death, brought back warm memories of the Dutch underground scene at the start of the century, when they were regulars in local and European scenes and festivals. These reunions, however, were more than just nostalgic; there was a palpable new energy and expression, and rumors about new material.

Peel Slowly & See

Peter Broderick

Peter Broderick is a prolific, genre-defying American musician, composer and producer, known for a diverse range of solo projects, collaborations, and compositions for cinema and dance. A gifted multi-instrumentalist, equally versed in a wide range of styles, Broderick aims to approach music with a sense of openness and wonder, and to never be tied down to any one particular style.

Peel Slowly & See

Mouvman Alé

Mouvman Alé is a quartet from the island of Reunion, lead by singer-songwriter Franswa Virassamy-Macé. The music can be described as a hypnotic and electrifying mix of psychrock, pop, traditional rhythms and electronics. The group calls it “romans non-galizé rényoné” in Creole: unpolished and slightly experimental songs from Reunion.

Peel Slowly & See

Martha Da’ro

Martha Da’ro is a genre-bending, multidisciplinary artist, of Angolan origin, based in Brussels. After her first project Soul’Art, the multi-talented performer took matters into her own hands, showcasing a bold artistic universe – blending dreamy pop with hip hop, English with French and definitely with a fragile but boundless emotion.

Peel Slowly & See


LQRQ is a unique cross-cultural project, risen from the ashes of electro-cha3bi outfit Cairo Liberation Front complemented with fiery Dutch-Iraqi vocalist Bagdaddy and N.R. Safi (Myrrors & Naujawanan Baidar), that combines swooping electronic beats with Arabic and Persian folkmusic and punk rock into an inclusive, fun-loving and genre-pushing pandemonium.

Peel Slowly & See

Dolphin Hyperspace

Dolphin Hyperspace is a Los Angeles-based electro-jazz duo, led by saxophonist Nicole McCabe & bassist Logan Kane, known for legendary high-energy concerts featuring instrumental madness amongst many synths and bonkers dance beats. Dolphin Hyperspace finds a new lane of expression within modern jazz and beat culture.

Peel Slowly & See

dj. flugvel og geimskip

dj. flugvel og geimskip (“Airplane & Spaceship” in Icelandic) is the one-person orchestra of Steinunn Hardardottir drawing influences from a thousand worlds. Electronic horror-music with a space twist: playful beats, bass, catchy melodies and joyfully off-kilter vocals. Songs about alien worlds, mysteries and dangers of the night, performed live in a shared, colorful and poetic lucid dream.

Peel Slowly & See


AMAGUK is a three-piece band based in Rotterdam. Created by three close friends motivated by their shared musical passion and need of a new way of expression and experimentation.  Influenced by artists such as Kneebody, Colin Stetson, and Reinier Baas, their style is unequivocally personal and original drifting from the bottom of the rock guitar tradition to colourful avant-garde jazz.

Peel Slowly & See

Use Knife

Belgian outfit Use Knife, the new vehicle of Stef Heeren & Kwinten Mordijck with Iraqi musician Saif Al-Qaissy, coincides Western underground music with traditional Arab music culture into a genuine melting pot of unique musical current. Their music is composed around propulsive electronic rhythms, ricocheting sequenced melodies and samples and vibrant Arabic drum rhythms.

Peel Slowly & See
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